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Vandorta is a London based selector, radio host and employee at Soho’s famed record institution, Sounds of the Universe.An avid crate digger with a particular ear for all things funky, Vandorta has brought her eclectic musical tastes to esteemed London venues such as the Jazz Café and the Colour Factory; and has played festival sets at Gilles’s Peterson’s We Out Here and the inaugural Basket of Light Festival in Wales. Since 2019, she has hosted a regular radio show on Balamii Radio and has made guest appearances on NTS, Soho Radio and Vinyl Factory Live.

Introducing Vandorta, a London-based DJ with an unmistakable flair for soul, funk, and gospel. A regular face at the city's renowned Sounds of the Universe, Vandorta's music knowledge and appreciation have grown leaps and bounds ever since she started working at the shop. This intimate relationship with music is evident in her debut performance for the VF Live series, where she invites listeners into her personal soundscapes. From her favourite soul ballads to irresistible gospel grooves, her mix is a reflection of both her personal collection and the musical treasure trove that is Sounds of the Universe. Whether she's spinning tender deep soul or getting you on your feet with thumping gospel, Vandorta is sure to move you with her music.

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