The mUSIC PODCAST for aliens


Ever wondered what’s out there in space? Is it nothingness forever, or are there supernatural beings that might vibe to life on earth? The answer is, we have a signal, and we’re going to find out.

Cosmic Cassette is a podcast that goes into the sonic unknown. Hosted by Matt Redley, DJs select their most formative tracks for beaming into space on a cassette tape to teach newly-discovered aliens about life on Earth. 

It’s going to get real, it’s going to get weird and these vibrations might just blow the squishy minds of these extraterrestrial beings. They might even help homo sapiens understand a little bit more about what it means to be human.

Plug in and prepare to visit new musical galaxies, guided by earthlings who live and breathe music, whilst delving into their stories of life on this planet.

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About the man of the moment

About your host Matt Redley

Matt Redley is a DJ, radio host, party organiser, music journalist, enjoyee of sound, and cosmic enthusiast. 

He is one half of Mother Dance, a DJ duo and party series, with a regular monthly show on thriving internet radio station Voices Radio. Mother Dance showcases moods that roughly shift from ‘in the tub’ to the ‘in the club’, across ambient, jazz, balearic, street soul, soul and more upbeat tempos. Their next party will be on the 7th October with expert selector Vandorta.

Matt has bylines for Crack Magazine and TMRW Magazine, covering clubnights and interviewing artists visiting Bristol, having interviewed Mutya from the Sugababes, Charli XCX and Lion Babe amongst others. 

When not thinking or writing about music, Matt is walking in a green space or thinking about how to make the perfect gnocchi dish.

Listen Here


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